The Importance of Using “Cool Rooms”

The global commercial refrigeration market is likely to reach $45.06 billion by 2020, according to The annual growth rate would compound to 5.53% by then. This clearly highlights that commercial refrigeration is essential for many industries. This is why many cool room builders Gold Coast wide have come up which have expertise in the field of commercial refrigeration. Further, it is important that the cool room is of the correct size and design in order to store supplies, and the builders make sure they abide by the same.


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What are cool rooms


Cool rooms are storage facilities attached to catering establishments and medical institutions. They are refrigerators with walk-in facilities.


Industries which require cool rooms


Cool rooms are essential for restaurants, pubs, hospitals, factories and food service businesses. The food industry especially needs proper refrigeration to store the surplus food items as they are perishable. For example, cool rooms are essential for storing vaccines for cattle too. If these vaccines are not stored at the right temperature, they become ineffective and the monetary loss is up to 3$ per vaccine. Hence, constructing a cool room is very important to avoid making huge losses through the rotting of the inventory.


Stress is laid on building a cool room of the right size and shape so that the client does not have to spend unnecessarily on electric bills for cooling extra space that the client does not require. Insulated panels need to be installed in order to keep the temperature of the room under control. The cool room builders in Gold coast help the client to save electricity and hence save energy by installing such panels. Heat is not allowed to enter the room and a large area can be easily cooled using the insulating technology.


Benefits of using cool rooms


Cool rooms help to preserve fruits, vegetables and other food products for a long time. The low temperature of the rooms helps to avoid bacterial infection and keep the food fresh for a long time. Excess cooked food can also be stored for future use so as to avoid wastage. The cool rooms prevent moisture formation as they keep the atmosphere dry. These rooms are airtight, so changes in the climate outside the room do not affect the temperature or moisture content inside the room. The range of temperature that the cool room provides ranges between minus thirty degrees and plus thirty degrees. The shape and size of the cool room can be customised to suit the needs of the client. Portable units are available to make efficient utilisation of space possible. Grocery items and inventory for business can be stored in bulk without worrying about the items getting spoilt. The cool room builders Gold Coast has keep all these things in mind to provide the perfect refrigeration units for their clients.


Looking for cool rooms on sale


The cool room builders Gold Coast has construct energy efficient and cost effective refrigeration systems. The companies design and construct cool rooms in accordance with the structure and requirements of the building in which the client wants the cool room to be built. Such suppliers of commercial refrigeration can be found by visiting websites like You can hire cool room builders Gold Coast based to construct a cool room which suits your needs best.




The Gold Coast cool room builders help their clients to save time and money by providing both domestic and commercial refrigeration facilities. So go for the cool rooms available on sale to give your company’s growth a boost.


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