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For many, it is amazing how technology virtually changes everything you felt was not possible. The scalable printing technology has been around for many years and large format printing is being made full use of by many sectors in the economy. But to learn that the product printed on one of these printers can stay permanent for 200 years, it creates a different and very positive opinion on this printing technology. If you were to invest in an hp designjet photo printer for your professional applications, they can remain with the same clarity and freshness for such long periods. You must therefore choose your printer well and order.

hp designjet photo printer

Look at Your Current and Future Requirements

The way to go about selecting the right hp designjet photo printer in Sydney is to first spend time looking at the specifications of the printers of different models. You will have to then evaluate your own requirements. While doing so, you should involve a few people within your organisation that would have a better idea of the sizes, in terms of widths that future jobs could bring in. Definitely, you might not be able to make an investment on one more hp designjet photo printer after some time because the printer you ordered now can take a maximum of 36inches while you should have chosen a 44-inch width printer. This is just a hypothetical example to demonstrate how important it is to study all the details and then only order the printer.

Make Maximum Use of the Offers

It is not uncommon to come across promotional offers for the hpP designjet z2100 photo printer series from time to time. If you have already done your homework and decided that it is a printer from this series that you plan ordering, then check with the HP authorised dealer if they are running any promotions currently. These promotions are run by the manufacturers themselves on occasions. Some of these could be even dealer specific, based on the dealer’s performance or part of any other marketing strategy. It is possible you could land a nice hp designjet printer bundle. The bundle will get you the main printer with some accessories or a free maintenance contract by the dealer or any such attractive combination.

Ensure to Get the Machine Installed by the Company Technician

Once you have placed the order and the hp designjet photo printer gets delivered to your premises, you must make sure the machine is unpacked and installed by a trained technician deputed by the dealer or directly by HP. In such instances, the terms of sale include installation by the dealer. While the ongoing maintenance visits may be made by the dealer’s technician trained by HP, the first time installation may be done by the company representative. You can check with the dealer while placing the order. You must also take all the prescribed precautions while choosing the location for installing the printer. Make sure all your employees who would be required to handle the printer are present and attentive when the installation is being done. Then only they will know how to handle the machine on a regular basis.

If all these are handled perfectly, your printer will give you long years of service.

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