Documents a Car Accident Victim Should Present To Their Lawyer

Hiring a qualified car accident attorney is the first thing most people think about once they get involved in a truck or car crash. Nonetheless, it is important to note that a lawyer can’t defend you if they don’t understand everything about the accident. Most lawyers ask their clients to present to them some documents to help them understand the accident and know the suitable approach for the case. In most cases, verbal statements don’t convince lawyers the directions that a car accident case should take. Any competent accident injury attorney would require looking at the following documents first:


Insurance policy


If your car was not insured, it would be hard for a car accident lawyer to demand or compel any insurance company to compensate you. Most lawyers have the confidence to approach an insurance company for a claim adjustment if you have a genuine and updated automobile insurance policy. With an insurance policy, it’s possible for an accident injury attorney to know the insurance recovery that would suit you best. Your lawyer would even help you get one copy of the insurance policy from your insurance company if you approve it.


Evidence of paid premium


Every insurance company has set rules and regulations, which those they insure should follow. One of the rules is that the insured should show consistent payment of their policy premiums. Most insurance companies have effective systems of reminding their customers when their premiums are due. They notify them through bills or statements. Your accident injury attorney Henderson firms provide would confidently be able to prove that the policy is ‘paid up’ or in force through the checks or receipts you use or get once you have paid your premiums.




If your car or truck got damaged in the accident, it is not enough to narrate it to your lawyer. The lawyer needs to see photos of the damage caused. Photos are very crucial in scenarios such as these especially if one would have to claim compensation through the corridors of justice. In fact, you could even share those pictures with your commercial truck accident lawyer Henderson has today even before they arrive at the accident scene. Be careful not to let anyone else take your phone since they may delete all the photos to deny you evidence of your claim.


Psychological records


Most people get astonished once they get involved in a car crash. They end up being astonished to a point of seeking psychiatric or psychological care. It’s good to provide your accident injury attorney with the copies of the psychiatric or psychological care you got. Where possible, the medical records you give to your lawyer should include the names and addresses of the medical professionals or psychologist who offered mental health services. If the mental health service providers use release forms, ensure the release form is signed before you give it to your lawyer.


In every court case you get into, the evidence is a paramount ingredient. Words can be helpful in a car accident case, but something to show would be the best. Any lawyer is confident when arguing a truck accident case once they have these four documents with them. Just ensure the documents you give your commercial truck accident lawyer Las Vegas firms provide are genuine and verified to avoid compensation problems. See more at

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