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Visiting a Major Sporting Event Anywhere Is No Longer A Problem.

If you are keen to go to a major sporting event around the world, it is very important that all the “essentials” are taken care of. This includes obviously, booking any good event tickets, way in advance but also providing suitable accommodation close to the event. This could also be extended to any functions or activities happening at the same time. In the case of a major Formula One motor race, such as the forthcoming 2015 Singapore grand prix, then all of these logistics must be taken care of properly and professionally.

To start with, this 2015 Singapore grand prix is the only Formula One race to take place at night with the modern city state of Singapore as the backdrop.

This will be available…

The “Earlybird” 2015 Singapore grand prix package includes the following:

  • Accommodation for four nights, at a choice of hotels from 3.5 star to 5 star. Breakfast is included.
  • Three Grandstand Bay tickets with an option for a Grandstand Ticket upgrade.
  • The chance to go to the Padong main events starting on Friday and lasting the weekend. These events are in the process of being arranged but previously acts such as Bon Jovi performed on stage.
  • Welcome function on the first Friday of the event.
  • A chance to drive either a Lamborghini or a Ferrari for the winner of the “Ultimate Drive Lucky Door Prize”.
  • On site representatives will be available at all times to provide any help.

For anyone interested in tennis, a very important date coming up will be the next Australian Open Tennis competition in 2016. Therefore, it is possible to book Australian open premium tickets for this event, to be at the tennis court and see world class tennis players in action.

Probably the most important event in world tennis is the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Tournament which is held every summer. Given its importance and the fact that the UK is the other side of the world from Australia, then planning for this event is essential. Keith Prowse Travel

Among other additional benefits such as a cruise on the Queen Elizabeth around Scandinavia, this particular package includes the following:

  • A return economy flight with Singapore airlines, in other words Wimbledon travel tickets
  • Eight nights in at the Doubletree Hotel next to the Hilton Hyde Park Hotel.
  • Premium seating at Court Number 1 Wimbledon, on the 27thJune 2016.
  • Premium seating at the Centre Court, on the 29th June 2016.
  • A tennis legend will “host” traditional tea at Claridges Hotel.

UK premier league football (soccer) is one of the most important football leagues in the world. It has a number of very famous clubs such as; Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United and Liver pool in the English premier league. For anyone interested in the “beautiful game”, then help is needed to get hold of any UK premier league tickets.

The following help is available:

  • Both 3 and 4 Star Hotels are available for a minimum of two nights.
  • Reserved seating at the stadium. Many fans have season tickets so reserving a seat is important.
  • An exclusive cash bar or lounge will also be available.

For any major sporting events, having the planning and organizing taken care of is very important.

Home Improvement Tips: How to Make Cost-Saving Extension Happen

Instead of moving, there are more homeowners that have opted to extend their home or build a basement. This is a more practical and convenient choice as compared to moving. If you like your current location but feel that your home is lacking, you can hire contractors that specialize on home extensions Perth has today. The big concern with homeowners typically involves the cost. If you want to keep the costs down while extending your home, expert contractors specialising in home improvements in Perth have the following tips to share.

Home extensions Perth

Keep it Simple

When it comes to home renovations such as home extensions Perth currently offers, you have to keep it simple if you want to lower the cost. The grander details such as roof-to-ceiling windows might add aesthetic value to your home but it can entail a huge cost. At the same time, any architectural enhancements you add to the extension are going to add to the cost. If you want to lower the cost, you need to add minimal detail as the building of the extension itself is already going to cost you!

Extend on the Side

Extending on the side of your home is the classic design solution available for homeowners. Most homeowners tend to extend to the side of their kitchen to provide more space in this part of the house. If you choose to extend on the side, make sure you do not place it over an inspection chamber or any protected areas or trees. If your extension is placed over a chamber, you will have to add to the cost of your project by re-directing the drain and building an entirely new chamber.

Avoid Basement Extension

If you are looking to save money when undertaking a project with contractors on home extensions Perth has, avoid basement extension. Building a basement entails a lot of work and will require the use of heavy equipment such as a digger or crane. It requires professionals to handle this task because of the complexity of the planning process. The safety and stability of the structure is very important for a basement. If you would like to build a basement extension to add space, make sure to consult with your contractor about how to reduce the cost.

Simplify Layout

When designing a layout for your home extension, keep the layout simple. Stick with a square shaped extension rather than pear or other more complicated shapes. If you choose non-traditional shapes, it will cause an increase in the cost of the labor and materials. By sticking to a simple square design, it will be cheaper to build. The best layout shapes are rectangle and square.

Transform your home to make it more efficient for your needs to eliminate the need to move. With the tips above, you can greatly lower your cost while still adding value to your home. You can hire W.A’s most awarded Home Exention Builder located in Perth to ensure that you won’t exceed your budget. To see their portfolio of the best building renovations in Perth, go to